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Dean currently has drama and factual projects in various stages of development. See status below.


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[former working title: "The Sisters"]
Creator / Writer
(multi-season, scripted television, US)
When former-slave Martha and white heiress Josephine discover that their constitutional rights have been denied, they decide to take on the white, male Establishment and its New Republic.
Developed from the feature screenplay, In Want of a Wife.

[Season One: Pilot + Episodes 1-9 scripted]
[Episodes 10-12 treatment]
[Season Two: outlined]
[US production company attached: Rebel Kat Productions]
[Development funding secured]
[Executive Producer: Nike Imoru]
[Producer: Rebecca Petriello]
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2019 USA/Canada research trip on Twitter
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Creator / Writer / Producer
(television documentary series, US)
From silent, b/w classics to Star Wars and Black Panther. This screen project draws on 20+ years of Dean's research material, including his latest book, presenting the female characters who have inhabited 120 years of the cinema's most imaginative genre. Voices from the industry, the arts and academia are gathered together to build a comprehensive survey of the fabulous, furious, funny, fragile and frustrating women of science fiction film.

[6 episode series outlined]
[US production company and producers attached]
Latest project updates at IMDb Pro
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Creator / Writer / Producer
(television documentary series, UK/Japan)
Japanese - the "vague", "upside-down" language, with its hiragana, katakana and kanji - is considered to be one of the most difficult for native English-speakers to master. But spare a thought the millions of Japanese people trying to learn English, with its many rules, inconsistencies and irregular spellings - not to mention its capital letters! Building on Dean's experience learning Japanese, and his contacts in Japan, this documentary explores two distinct cultures through the lenses of their languages - and the perspectives of the people who speak them. As it turns out, there are remarkable similarities.

[3 episodes outlined]
[Currently in discussion with NHK and UK producers]
2019 Tokyo research trip on Twitter
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Further projects are in development.