Data Protection, Privacy Policies & Site Security

A few notes about what happens to your data on and associated sites, including: (Dean Conrad Ltd.)

Automatic Data Collection

Our website host, Freethought Internet, uses the cPanel hosting platform, which automatically collects analytical information about visits to these sites. This information includes your IP address, so, technically, it is possible to know that you have visited, although this data is not routinely analysed. Unless it is deemed to be part of illegal or malicious activities (see below), information collected will not be passed on to third parties. Nor will it be used for targeted communication (ads, &c.).


Trackers are not used by these sites, so you will not be followed around the internet by us. However, others (using trackers) may be aware that you have visited our sites. For information on how this might be avoided, you are directed to DuckDuckGo (with which we have no affiliation).


Our sites do not employ bespoke cookies, so no invisible code or data is placed on your computer by us. On pages that run PHP script (such as e-mail web-forms), your browser may use a standard, temporary, session cookie (such as PHPSESSID) to aid the process. This will be deleted when you leave the page. We have no access to data collected by these cookies - unless you send us your completed web-form.

Secure Connection

All pages on these sites are provided across a secure connection with a valid certificate supplied by Let's Encrypt through our website host. In most (although not all) web browsers, the address bar will include "https://" as part of the URL. There may also be a secured-padlock icon, which you can click to see further information. To ensure that you are viewing these pages through a secure connection, click here.

External Links

Care is taken when suggesting external links on our pages; however, there is no guarantee that those other sites maintain valid security certificates or robust and fair data policies. We can take no responsibility for data collected, cookies used, &c. on other sites (even if we link out to them), so please make sure that you are happy with their security arrangements before proceeding.


If you contact these sites, you may receive a reply and your contact details may be retained for future reference. Unless it is deemed to be illegal or malicious (see below), information collected will not be passed on to third parties without your permission.


If you would prefer your contact details to be deleted completely from our files, please contact us again and let us know. We will then do our best to remove your data as soon as possible - subject to our 'Malicious/Illegal Activity' policy...

Illegal/Malicious Activity

We reserve the right to retain material that we deem to be part of illegal, malicious, or similarly nefarious, activity. This material and associated personal data may be shared with appropriate third parties, such as law enforcement agencies.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding your privacy or security on our sites, please contact us.