Privacy Policy and Site Security

A few notes about what happens to your data on and associated sites, including:

8th June 2018
You will not be tracked by these sites; however, others may be aware that you have visited. For more information on how this might be avoided, you are directed to DuckDuckGo.

Our sites do not employ cookies, so no data is collected automatically here.

If you contact these sites, you may receive a reply and your data may be retained for future reference. Unless it is deemed to be illegal or malicious, information collected will not be passed on to a third party without your express permission.

If you would prefer your contact data to be deleted completely from our files, please contact us here and let us know. We reserve the right to retain material that we deem to be illegal or malicious.

Secure Connection
These pages are provided across a secure connection with a valid certificate supplied by Let's Encrypt through our website host. In most (although not all) web browsers, the address bar will include "https://"as part of the URL. There will also be a secured-padlock icon, which you can click to see information about the connection. To ensure that you are viewing these pages through a secure connection, click here.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding your privacy or security on these sites, please contact us here.