The Sisters

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Season 1: "Liberty"      
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"An Imperfect Union"

A brutal attack reminds Martha and Josephine that their idyllic existence is vulnerable.
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"Sisters in Arms"

Josephine and Martha join forces for the fight, but can't agree on the weapon: book or gun?
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"A Union Divided"

With Josephine away tackling the Washington 'swamp,' Martha tries her hand at local politics with her new women's army, "The Sisters of the Union."
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"Life & Liberty"

Josephine tackles corruption in Washington D.C., while, back home, the devastating consequences of Martha's attack create a desperate dilemma for Mother Mary.
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In Washington, Josephine finally begins to break down barriers, just as Martha back home discovers something that is set to drive a wedge between the sisters forever.

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"An Englishman in New York"

While Mother Mary must confront her god and her conscience to defend a white friend who has offended both, Mr. Darcy arrives in New York City to be confronted with a shocking family secret.
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