Drama Projects

A number of Dean's drama screenplays have been picked up by producers and broadcasters. He used his experiences of "development hell" to inform some of his creative writing teaching at Hull University.

Below is a selection of scripts no longer under option - and so available once more...

(feature drama) [aka: An American in Pemberley]
~ Pride & Prejudice meets Shakespeare in Love
Mr. Darcy is shocked to discover that his livelihood is in the hands of his gun-toting, American half-sister, Josephine – who has just breezed into town. As chaos threatens the sleepy town of Meryton, the siblings must work together to save face, the family fortune, and a friend's fragile love affair. A sideways look at Jane Austen's classic novel.

The back-story to this feature and its characters have been developed for the TV series, Liberty's Daughters.

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(Ensemble dark-comedy feature)
- A contemporary dark-comedy of coincidences
A dead body, An electrician, a hearse driver, bank-robbing sisters, and an elderly couple. But who did what to whom? Seemingly separate lives and deaths become intricately linked, as the same day is viewed from four perspectives.
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(Single TV drama)
- The days leading to the death of Buddy Holly
Against the backdrop of the final three concerts, this drama examines the events surrounding Buddy Holly's final tour, questions the actions of his manager, and exposes many of the hidden truths about the tragic, untimely death of one of early rock 'n' roll's brightest stars.
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