Factual Projects

Dean has been working recently to bring his academic research and teaching interests to wider audiences through television documentaries.

Details of further available projects will be added here soon. In the meantime...

(a multi-part travelogue for TV)
- New World money meets Old World style - Building the Golden Age of Hollywood
Powerful immigrant film moguls wanted larger cinemas to bring the glamour of the new screen worlds out into the auditorium and onto the street. The result was fabulous new cinemas in the grand architectural styles of the old world: Renaissance France, Moorish Spain, Baroque Italy, Gothic England, and many more. These were - and are - the PICTURE PALACES.
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UK-based research material here.

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(a 3-part historical journey for TV)
This documentary survey, based on Dean's research work and latest book, is currently being developed with production companies in the UK and the US.
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