Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities

In 2011/12, Dean guest-edited a special double-issue of the US journal, Post Script.
From Boardroom to Bijou: Exploring Cinema Distribution and Exhibition.
Information on papers and articles is offered below.

Issue #1: "Distribution"
Vol.30 #2 (Winter/Spring 2011), published July 2011

by cinema historian
Douglas Gomery

INTRODUCTION (read here)
Dean Conrad

The Good, the Irresponsible and the Un-American: The Curious Case of Hollywood, US Independent Distributors and Eastern European Communists after WWII
Jindřiška Bláhová
~ Exposing frictions between the Hollywood majors and US Independents as they fight to sell across the iron curtain.

Cinema in the Country: The Rural Cinema Scheme in Orkney: 1947-1967
Ian Goode
- An historical survey of post-war cinema distribution schemes, taking films and projection technology to remote communities.

The Campus Cinematheque: Film Exhibition at U.S. Universities, 1960-1975

Andrea Comiskey
~ A data-based analysis of specific college cinema cultures.

“Where Nothing is Off Limits”: Movie Posters, Generic Re-branding, and the Teen Slasher Films of 1982-1984
Richard Nowell
~ The effects of success and failure on the endurance of poster images and horror iconography.

The Sieve or the Scalpel: The Family Movie Act of 2004, Infantile Citizenship, and the Rhetoric of Censorship
Andrew Scahill
~ Is digital 'home cinema', along with its attendant technologies, empowering the parent at the expense of the artiste?

Cinema Distribution in the Age of Digital Projection
Charlotte Crofts
~ Past priorities, current issues and future trends in digital distribution; an examination of US and UK markets.

‘State of the Nation’. Watching British films
Andrew Clay
~ Andrew Clay offers a personal account of his attempt to view all of the British theatrical film releases of 2009.


Issue #2: "Exhibition"
Vol.30 #3 (Summer 2011), published January 2012

by screenwriter
Jim Hawkins

INTRODUCTION (read here)
Dean Conrad

...with Richard Gray, Chair of Casework for the British Cinema Theatre Association (CTA)

Dean Conrad
~ A Q&A covering theatre listing, comparisons between the UK and the US and the future of cinema conservation.

Mapping film exhibition in Scotland before permanent cinemas

Maria A. Valez-Serna
~ Including the central role played by fairs and carnivals in early cinema exhibition.

'Super Cinemas in the Suburbs’: Clifton Cinemas and the Difficulties of Independent Exhibition 1934-1966
Alex Rock
~ Examining this medium-sized British cinema chain.

Independent Cinema Exhibition in 1960s Britain: The Compton Cinema Circuit
Michael Ahmed
~ Integration of exhibition and content in this independent chain.

“A Revolutionary New Concept in Screen Entertainment”: The Emergence of the Twin Movie Theatre, 1962-1964
Christofer Meissner
~ an historical survey, focusing down on the neglected period between the picture palaces and the multiplexes.

Sex, Bond and Star Wars: Exhibition data from the Southampton Odeon 1972-1980
Sian Barber
~ Who watched what, when and why?

...with Bill Kinder, Director of Editorial and Post Production at Pixar
Charlotte Crofts
A Q&A with Charlotte Crofts, looking at the effect of the digital revolution on animation, 3-D and cinema exhibition, from the perspective of an industry leader.

Cinema Exhibition, Distribution
Tim Hatcher with Dean Conrad
~ A personal and geographical look at the best sources for research and recreation, compliled by cinema historian, Tim Hatcher.